The Journey Begins!

Okay, now that we have picked a name we need to create a business. 

We decided to focus on resellers because one of us was one and two of us spent decades serving them so we all love and relate to these people. A reseller friend of ours Joe, called this group the "Renaissance Soul's" quoting a book he read which we believe was written by Margaret Lobenstine titled, "The Renaissance Soul: How To Make Your Passions Your Life". Margaret defined them as people who find themselves "unwilling to settle on just one thing" and constantly "yearning for new challenges and looking around for something different to do." This is definately us and many of those we brush shoulders with in this business. We have a hard time sitting at a desk doing the same thing over and over again. 

We like to split the reseller group into three different parts: Small Professional Resellers, Micro Sellers and Bargain Hunter Sellers.

The "Small Professional Resellers" are ones that go all in and typically purchase trailer or pallet loads of items. They also have a larger team of employees around the 20+ range. They will invest in either a store front or a warehouse where they can list and sell their items. Usually they sell items online through eBay, Amazon and similar platforms. Some may even have their own site they built on a popular platform like: Shopify, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, Wix, Square Space, Weebly and etc. 

We define, "Micro Sellers" as crazy fools willing to go all in and drive all over town to find the deals and sell them on their own or with only a couple employees, friends or neighbors. Trust us when we say crazy because it really takes some guts to do this as your sole income. They usually will sell directly on eBay, facebook marketplace, classified services like KSL and if they specialize in clothing it's common to find their stuff on ThredUp, RealReal, Poshmark and Mercari.

Lastly, the "Bargain Hunter Sellers." This group is more passive and do it as a side hussle/hobby. They are the ones that are will to haggle stores or people online to get the best deal. Usually they will have their own niche and specialize in different categories and purchase specific items in smaller quantities. 

What do they have in common? All of them love the hunt and finding great deals on items. Most love to pass the amazing deals onto others and that's why one will usually find great prices on eBay from these resellers. Most if not all of them don't have a budget for I.T. or software development so they will use tools created by other plateforms. Also, they don't have the capital to purchase a store front and/or are not willing to take the risk to raise the capital.

Ultimately our goal is to offer product, services, a store front and our expertise to help people thrive in the reseller business. We have experience in software development, design, salvage, auctions and liquidation. We can help by either building a site, show you how to build a site, manage your site, manage inventory, listings, auctions and etc.

If you find yourself in any of these categories we would love to see you succeed and help you get there.



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