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KTR Radex-NC EK 15 Black-Free Servo Lamina Coupling KTR.167463 (New)

KTR Radex-NC EK 15 Black-Free Servo Lamina Coupling KTR.167463 (New)

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Radex-NC EK 15 Black-Free Servo Lamina Aluminum Coupling

Condition: New, out of package

MPN: KTR.167463


This brand new KTR Radex-NC EK 15 Servo Lamina Coupling (KTR.167463) offers exceptional torsional stiffness and misalignment compensation for demanding servo applications. Its black-free design eliminates grease, making it ideal for cleanroom environments.

Key Features:

    • Backlash-free: Ensures precise and smooth transmission of motion.
    • Torsionally stiff: Maintains high power transmission efficiency.
    • Compensates for angular, axial, and radial shaft misalignments: Handles misalignments caused by thermal expansion, bearing wear, or other factors.
    • Maintenance-free: No lubrication required, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
    • Black-free design: Eliminates grease contamination, ideal for cleanroom and sensitive applications.
    • Aluminum construction: Lightweight and durable for long-lasting performance.


    • Improves machine accuracy and repeatability: Ensures precise positioning and control.
    • Reduces wear and tear on connected machinery: Minimizes stress on shafts and bearings.
    • Extends lifespan of coupled equipment: Lowers maintenance costs and downtime.
    • Cleanroom compatibility: Eliminates contamination risks in sensitive environments.
    • Versatile application: Ideal for various servo drives, robotics, and precision machinery.

Upgrade your servo transmissions with the reliable and clean KTR Radex-NC EK 15 Servo Lamina Coupling. Order yours today!

MPN: KTR.167463

Barcode: 44934893

PayWut SKU: CW2566
Bin: 02-04-A1
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