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ACUITY CONTROLS nLIght Dimming Emergency Relay Pack Dimming Red NPP16 ER EFP (New Other)

ACUITY CONTROLS nLIght Dimming Emergency Relay Pack Dimming Red NPP16 ER EFP (New Other)

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nLight Emergency Relay Pack w/ Controlled Dimming 

Condition: New in distressed retail packing (see images)

Color: Red

Model / MPN: NPP16 ER EFP 

Description: Emergency Operation, Occupancy Controlled Dimming, Power/Relay Pack

The nLight nPP16 ER EFP family of power packs is the workhorse of an nLight system, delivering robust system performance and design versatility for commercial and industrial lighting control applications. The nPP16 ER EFP switches loads via an internal latching relay designed with robust protection from the harsh switching requirements of T5 fluorescent and LED loads. Optional 0-10V dimming outputs (D or DS options) are designed with circuit isolation and provide up to 100mA of current sinking capability. The nLight nPP16 ER EFP Series relay pack is used to switch luminaires powered via an emergency circuit. The nLight nPP16 ER EFP relay pack is ideally suited for use in conjunction with a standard nnPP16 EFP power/relay pack that controls a zone's normal powered lighting.


  •  Automatically Overrides Emergency Lights On Upon Normal Power Loss
  • Communicates w/ nLight Network
  • Self-Contained Relay Switches Line Voltage Load
  • Optional out-of-box vacancy and partial-on modes
  • Remotely Configurable/Upgradeable
  • Test/programming button
  • Configurable Relay Logic
  • Extended Chase Nipple
  • Plenum rated
  • Includes fuse integrated to relay wirelead for protection from load faults
  • Meets NEMA410 ratings for LED/electronic ballast inrush

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