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FRITZ Betta Water Purified Water W/ Almond Leaf Extract 32 Oz Bottle (New Dented)

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Betta Water Purified Water With Almond Leaf Extract

Condition: Dented Bottle, Otherwise New. (Image Is Stock Photo, Bottle Dents May Vary)

Size: 32 oz (946 ml)

Aquarium Type: Freshwater

MPN: 11113

Use By: 06/09/2024


  • Ready to Use! Add Fish Instantly!
  • Specifically formulated for bettas
  • Chlorine, chloramine and ammonia free
  • Supplemented with Almond Leaf Extract to create a natural environment

Fritz Betta Water is a ready to use, all-in-one water change solution that's specifically formulated with the correct parameters for bettas. Fritz Betta Water is supplemented with aloe vera and vitamin E to help relieve stress and promote healing. Fritz Betta Water also contains a natural source of tannins extracted from Indian Almond Leaves to help create a more natural & healthy environment for your betta.