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Azer Scientific

AZER SCIENTIFIC 20 Pack Of Sapphire Microplate 96 Round Well, U-bottom 1mL ES43001-0016 (New)

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Azer Scientific

20 Pack Of Sapphire Microplate 96 Round Well Deep Plate, U-bottom, Transparent, Non-Sterile

Condition: New

SIZE: 96 Well 1mL

MPN: ES43001-0016

This non-sterile, 96-round well microplate is made of polypropylene and has 1mL wells with U-shape bottoms. It is compatible with all common robotic systems as it was developed following SBS regulations, and can be used with most common storage systems due to its low plate profile. Raised well feature minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, and increases the security of heat-sealing or sealing with adhesive films. Ideal for applications that require exposure to extreme temperatures and sensitive diagnostics.

- Non-sterile
- Includes alphanumeric grid to aid in sample identification
- Optimized footprint according to the SBS standard
- For use in a thermocycler or for defrosting of samples in a hot-water bath
- For applications with extreme temperature circumstances like freezing or defrosting in a microwave
- The U-shaped well bottom reduces the death volume
- Due to the high chemical resistance ideal for sensitive diagnostic applications

Number of Wells: 96
Well Shape (Bottom): Round (U)
Well Volume: 1 mL
Material: Polypropylene

Full Barcode: 010084379212050710984497