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HYPUR-CEL Roll of Urethane Foam Black 190' x 60' x 100' S1005 (New)

HYPUR-CEL Roll of Urethane Foam Black 190' x 60' x 100' S1005 (New)

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Roll of Urethane Foam Black 0.190" Thick x 60" W x 100’ L

Condition: New 

Size: 0.190" Thick  x 60" W x 100’ L

Color: Black

Model: S1005


HyPUR-cel® is a unique family of medium to high density open-celled polyurethane foams engineered into three formulations to meet your application needs. Rubberlite HyPUR-cel® line of open-celled polyurethane foams is offered in the largest variety of densities and thicknesses.

S-series foams offer exceptional elongation and thermal formability, or our cost effective

All products are offered in 60" wide rolls and are skived to meet exceptionally tight thickness tolerances. Fabrics, adhesives, films or foam composites are available from our lamination department enhancing product design and performance.

For footwear, medical, industrial, orthopedic soft goods, automotive, electronic, aerospace, protective equipment and more, HyPUR-cel® is a cost effective solution.

HyPUR-cel® S-Series (Ester-based)

  • Offered in Four Formulations
  • Excellent stretch, Unmatched memory, Superior breathability, & is Thermal-moldable

    Condition: New

    Size: 0.190” x 60” x 100’

    Color: Black

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