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NUMARK SAFETY Water-Repellant Pants 7oz Nylon/PVC Sz. L Green (New)

NUMARK SAFETY Water-Repellant Pants 7oz Nylon/PVC Sz. L Green (New)

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Condition: new

Size: 6

"Di'vad's Adventure Pants"

NUMARK SAFETY Water-Repellant Pants 7oz Nylon/PVC


Condition: New

Size: L


Caught in a surprise shower? Fear not, intrepid adventurer! These NUMARK SAFETY Water-Repellent Pants are your armor against the elements, transforming you from a soggy mess to a stylishly dry hero.


    • Puddles become your personal splash pad. Splash, stomp, dance – these pants laugh in the face of water.
    • Muddy hikes turn into carefree strolls. Leave the dirt stains to the squirrels, you'll be squeaky clean.
    • Gardening becomes a water balloon fight (with yourself). Who says chores can't be fun?

But wait, there's more! These pants aren't just waterproof, they're:

    • Lightweight: Feel like a ninja, not a swamp monster. Agility is key, my friend.
    • Breathable: No swampy sauna situation here. Stay cool, calm, and collected (even in a downpour).
    • Durable: Built to withstand more than just a drizzle. Think accidental sprinkler mishaps and overenthusiastic car washes.

Available in a glorious shade of green, these pants are the perfect blend of function and fashion. Warning: May cause increased confidence and spontaneous puddle-jumping.

So, ditch the umbrella and embrace the elements! Order your NUMARK SAFETY Water-Repellent Pants today and unlock a world of worry-free wetness!

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