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NTN Bearing Rods Tapered Cups 150 total pieces New

ZA@ NTN Bearing Rods Tapered Cups 150 total pieces New

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Condition: New

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Bearing Rods Tapered Cups

Condition: New

Qty: 150 pieces

MPN: 572


Conquer Tough Applications with NTN Tapered Cup Bearing Rods

Upgrade your machinery's performance and reliability with NTN's premium Tapered Cup Bearing Rods. This robust set of 150 brand new rods features a unique tapered cup design, offering several key advantages for demanding applications:

    • Enhanced Load Capacity: The tapered cups distribute pressure more evenly, allowing the rods to handle heavier loads and resist premature wear.
    • Smoother Operation: The optimized design minimizes friction and vibration, resulting in smoother operation and reduced noise.
    • Extended Service Life: The superior load handling and reduced wear translate to longer lifespan for your equipment and minimized maintenance downtime.

Ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, these NTN Bearing Rods are perfect for:

    • Industrial machinery
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Construction equipment
    • Heavy-duty vehicles
    • And more!

Each rod is manufactured to NTN's exacting standards, ensuring consistent quality and performance. With 150 pieces in the set, you'll have plenty on hand to tackle any project or keep your critical equipment running smoothly.

Invest in superior performance and reliability with NTN Tappered Cup Bearing Rods. 

MPN: 572

Barcode: CWD007

PayWut SKU: CWD007
Bin: 05-09-Floor
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