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MACO Round ORANGE Color-Coding Labels 3/4” Dia. 1000 Labels MR1212-7

MACO Round ORANGE Color-Coding Labels 3/4” Dia. 1000 Labels MR1212-7

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1000 Round ORANGE Color-Coding Labels 3/4"

Condition: New / Sealed

MPN: MR1212-7

Made in USA

Add a burst of color and clarity to your organization with these versatile MACO orange round color-coding labels.

This package includes:

  • 1000 round orange color-coding labels
  • Size: 3/4 inch diameter

Key Features:

  • Bright orange color: Provides high visibility for clear identification and easy organization.
  • Strong adhesive: Labels adhere securely to various surfaces and stay put.
  • Easy to peel: Labels detach effortlessly from the liner for convenient use.
  • Multi-purpose: Ideal for a wide range of applications in homes, offices, and workplaces.

These labels are perfect for:

  • Inventory control: Color-code products, merchandise, or equipment for efficient tracking and quick identification, especially in low-light areas.
  • Warehouse and storage organization: Label shelves, bins, and containers for clear categorization and easy retrieval.
  • Asset management: Use them to mark tools, machinery, or other important items to prevent loss or misplacement.
  • Safety hazard marking: Highlight potential hazards or important information with a bold color to ensure awareness and adherence to safety protocols.

With their eye-catching color, strong adhesive, and versatile design, MACO orange round color-coding labels are a practical solution for anyone looking to improve organization and safety awareness in any setting.

Condition: new

Size: 3/4"

Color: orange

MPN: MR1212-7

Barcode: 015965054722

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Bin: 01-18-D
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