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GATES Nylon Sleeving Protective Sleeve 1 Foot Increments HG-28 72771014 (New)

GATES Nylon Sleeving Protective Sleeve 1 Foot Increments HG-28 72771014 (New)

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Condition: new - Dirty

Size: 1 Foot

Color: Black


Nylon Sleeving Protective Sleeve HG-28

Condition: New with shelf wear (see images)

Price Is Per Foot!

Part #: 7277-1014


Safeguard your valuable hoses from abrasion and wear with Gates HG-28 Nylon Sleeving! This versatile sleeve provides superior protection for individual hoses or bundled assemblies, offering:

    • Exceptional abrasion resistance: Shields hoses from everyday wear and tear, extending their lifespan.
    • Double protection: Thousands of tiny nylon filaments form a self-renewing shield against harsh environments.
    • Multiple applications: Ideal for protecting hydraulic hoses, electrical cables, and other industrial lines.
    • Easy installation: Simply slide the sleeve over your hose for quick and convenient protection.
    • Available in 1-foot increments: Customize the length to perfectly fit your needs.


    • Reduces downtime and maintenance costs associated with hose damage.
    • Provides an extra layer of defense against cuts, scrapes, and chemicals.
    • Improves safety by preventing hose failures and leaks.
    • Cost-effective solution for protecting your valuable equipment.
    • Flame-resistant: Meets MSHA flame resistance approval for added safety.

MPN: 7277-1014

Barcode: 072053032062

PayWut SKU: CW2839
Bin: 01-04-D
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