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RUBBERMAID Commercial Cut-End Disposable Dust Mop Sz 24" Green L15300GR00 (New)

RUBBERMAID Commercial Cut-End Disposable Dust Mop Sz 24" Green L15300GR00 (New)

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Commercial Cut End Disposable Dust Mop Blend 24"

Condition: New in original plastic (not from the ground)

Color: Green

Part #: L15300GR00


This ain't your grandma's feather duster. This 24-inch green warrior is a cut-end, disposable dust mop ready to wage war on dust bunnies and leave your floors sparkling like a freshly polished emerald.


    • Effortlessly gliding across your floors, picking up even the most stubborn dust bunnies and hairballs. It's like having a tiny green tornado clean for you!
    • Saying goodbye to backaches and bending woes. This mop's got a full-tie backing that attaches to any standard handle, so you can clean comfortably without contorting yourself like a pretzel.
    • Feeling good about the environment. This cotton and synthetic blend is tough on dust but gentle on Mother Earth. Plus, it's disposable, so you can toss it guilt-free after a cleaning spree.

But wait, there's more! This dust mop is:

    • Pre-treated, so it attracts and holds onto dust like a magnet. No more dust clouds chasing you around the room!
    • Good for up to 500,000 square feet of cleaning. That's like mopping the Eiffel Tower... 17 times! (Although, we don't recommend that unless you have a really long arm.)
    • New and ready to tackle your toughest cleaning challenges.

So ditch the broom and embrace the RUBBERMAID Commercial Cut-End Disposable Dust Mop! Your floors will thank you, your allergies will rejoice, and you'll finally be able to see your own reflection without needing a telescope.

Condition: new

Size: 24 IN

Color: Green

MPN: L15300GR00

Barcode: 086876087369

PayWut SKU: CW0514
Bin: 02-02-D
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