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SIMPLISAFE Motion Sensor Factory Sealed White SS3 MOTION SSMS3-RTL (New)

Z@ SIMPLISAFE Motion Sensor Factory Sealed White SS3 MOTION SSMS3-RTL (New)

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Motion Sensor Factory Sealed (White) SS3, SSMS3

Condition: New / Factory Sealed

Color: White

Model: SS3 or SSMS3 (compatible with both SimpliSafe generations)


Key Features:

  • Reliable Intrusion Detection: Accurately detects motion using advanced infrared technology, helping to deter break-ins and keep your home safe.
  • Pet-Immune Technology: Distinguishes between humans and pets (up to 40 lbs) to minimize false alarms.
  • Easy Installation: Completely wireless design with simple mounting process for quick setup.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: Powered by a long-life battery for reliable performance.
  • SimpliSafe Compatibility: Works seamlessly with SimpliSafe security systems (both 1st and 2nd generation) for a comprehensive security network.

Short Summary:

The SimpliSafe Motion Sensor is a vital component of a complete SimpliSafe security system. This wireless sensor uses advanced technology to detect motion and distinguish between intruders and pets, providing peace of mind and minimizing false alarms. The user-friendly design allows for effortless installation, and the long-lasting battery ensures reliable operation. This sensor is compatible with both the 1st and 2nd generation SimpliSafe security systems, offering a versatile and valuable addition to your home security setup.

Note: While the model number (SS3 or SSMS3) may vary, both models are compatible with SimpliSafe systems.

Condition: New

Size: 3

Color: white


Barcode: 815017029629

PayWut SKU: CW4829
Bin: 01-12-D, Store
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