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ZHEPING 2500 Masks! (50 Boxes of 50) Disposable Masks 3-Layer (New)

ZHEPING 2500 Masks! (50 Boxes of 50) Disposable Masks 3-Layer (New)

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ZHEPING Disposable Masks

Condition: New in Case

Quantity: 2500 Masks (50 Boxes of 50)

Material: Not specified (Please refer to manufacturer's website for details)

Colour: Not specified (Likely Blue or White based on common disposable mask colors)

Applications: Non-Medical

Key Features:

  • Disposable Design: Meant for single use and disposal for convenient hygiene.
  • Basic Protection: Protects against dust, allergens, and airborne irritants.
  • Large Quantity: This bulk case of 2500 masks provides a sufficient supply for extended use.

Short Summary:

Zheping disposable face masks are an economical solution for basic protection against dust and airborne particles. These disposable masks are designed for single use and come in a large quantity to ensure a long-lasting supply. Please note that these masks are non-medical and not intended for use in sterile environments or medical procedures. Consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for specific uses.

Condition: New

Size: 2

MPN: dmask3-ply

Barcode: 51528429

PayWut SKU: CW4752
Bin: AU-07-D (BACK)
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