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NORA LIGHTING 6" Recessed Can 6-PACK w/ Insulated LV Housing 6" NHIC-17QAT (New)

NORA LIGHTING 6" Recessed Can 6-PACK w/ Insulated LV Housing 6" NHIC-17QAT (New)

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6 -PACK! 6" Recessed Can (for NEW CONSTRUCTION) w/ Insulated Line Voltage Housing

Condition: New

Quantity: 6 Recessed Can Lights

Size: 6 Inch Diameter

Model Number: NHIC-17QAT

Key Features:

  • New Construction Design: Suitable for installation in ceilings during the framing stage of construction, perfect for new builds and renovations.
  • Insulated Line Voltage Housing: IC-rated housing allows for safe contact with insulation, simplifying installation and reducing the risk of overheating.
  • Air-Tight Construction: Helps prevent air leaks from reducing building energy efficiency.
  • Compatible with Most Trims: Accepts a wide variety of trim styles (sold separately) to match your desired lighting aesthetic.
  • Bulk Pack: Includes 6 recessed can lights for efficient lighting installation in larger areas.

Short Summary:

The Nora Lighting NHIC-17QAT recessed can light is a practical solution for incorporating general or task lighting into new construction projects. This 6-inch can features an IC-rated housing for safe insulation contact and airtight construction to optimize building performance. The compatible design allows for a variety of trim options (sold separately) to match your preferred style. This bulk pack of 6 can lights simplifies lighting installation in larger areas.

Condition: New

Size: 6 - 6 In.

Color: Silver


Barcode: 732180615568

PayWut SKU: CW4686
Bin: 01-13-D, 03-00-FLOOR, 04-01-J
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