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QUABBIN Cat6 DataMax 6E Enhanced Patch Cable 24 AWG 4 Pair 600MHz 1000 ft 2208 (New)

QUABBIN Cat6 DataMax 6E Enhanced Patch Cable 24 AWG 4 Pair 600MHz 1000 ft 2208 (New)

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24 AWG 4 Pair Cat6 DataMax 6E Enhanced Patch 600MHz (1000 ft)

Quabbin Cat6 DataMax 6E Enhanced Patch Cable (1000ft, 24 AWG, 4-Pair)

Get superior network performance with this high-quality Cat6 patch cable by Quabbin.

Condition: New Length: 1000 Feet (ft) Wire Gauge: 24 AWG Number of Pairs: 4 (8 total conductors) Color: Chrome Grey Model Number: 2208 Date of Manufacture: 02/2020 Country of Origin: United States

Key Features:

  • Cat6 Enhanced Performance: Exceeds standard Cat6 specifications, supporting Gigabit Ethernet (1000BASE-T) and beyond for demanding network applications.
  • 24 AWG Stranded Conductors: Provides a balance between flexibility for easy installation and performance for reliable data transmission.
  • Unshielded Design: Ideal for most network installations where cost-effectiveness and flexibility are priorities.
  • 4-Pair Configuration: Supports high-speed data transmission for various networking applications.
  • Durable PVC Jacket: Protects the cable from dust, debris, and accidental cuts.
  • Bulk Length: The 1000ft spool allows for customized cutting to fit your specific needs.
  • American-Made Quality: Manufactured in the USA for reliable performance and quality.

Short Summary:

The Quabbin Cat6 DataMax 6E Enhanced Patch Cable is a versatile and dependable solution for upgrading your network infrastructure. This cable offers superior performance exceeding Cat6 standards, making it suitable for Gigabit Ethernet applications and beyond. The 24 AWG stranded conductors provide flexibility for installation while maintaining excellent signal transmission. The unshielded design keeps costs down while supporting high-speed data transfer through its 4-pair configuration. This bulk 1000ft cable allows for cutting to your desired lengths, perfect for various network installation projects.

Please note: This cable is unshielded. Shielded cables may be required in environments with high electromagnetic interference for optimal performance.

Condition: New

Size: 1000 ft

Color: Grey

MPN: 2208

Barcode: 55725037

PayWut SKU: CW4561
Bin: 05-11-G
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