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1-800-RADIATOR Peterbilt Kenworth Replacement Radiator 2400605 (New)

1-800-RADIATOR Peterbilt Kenworth Replacement Radiator 2400605 (New)

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Peterbilt Kenworth Radiator 2400605

Condition: New

Compatible Models:

  • Peterbilt 330
  • Peterbilt 335
  • Peterbilt 340
  • Kenworth T300
  • Kenworth T370

Model: 2400605, 23147

Looking to chill out your Peterbilt or Kenworth without breaking a sweat? Check out the 1-800-RADIATOR's latest cool kid on the block – the Peterbilt Kenworth Radiator 2400605. Brand spanking new and ready to turn down the heat on your big rigs.

Key Features:

  • Fresh Off the Press: This radiator is so new, it practically comes with that new car smell.
  • Plays Well With Others: Perfect match for Peterbilt 330, 335, 340, and the Kenworth T300, T370 – it's like the radiator version of a dating app success story.
  • Model Mates: With identifiers 2400605 and 23147, it's like the secret handshake for your engine's cooling club.
  • Cool Under Pressure: Designed to keep its cool, so your truck doesn't sweat the tough stuff.
  • Plug-n-Play: So easy to install, you'll have time left over for a coffee break.

Slide this 1-800-RADIATOR gem under the hood, and watch your temperature gauges stay as cool as a cucumber. Your truck's engine will thank you, and you'll be back on the road, cruising without the overheating blues.

Condition: New

Size: 3

Color: Silver and Black

MPN: 2400605, 23147

Barcode: 65727725

PayWut SKU: CW9953
Bin: 01-07-G
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