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BULLARD (2 PACK) Respirator Hood FacePiece Medium 20LFL (for CC20 or PA20/PA30) 8/2011 (New / Old Stock)

BULLARD (2 PACK) Respirator Hood FacePiece Medium 20LFL (for CC20 or PA20/PA30) 8/2011 (New / Old Stock)

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2 PACK! Respirator Hood Tychem FacePiece Medium 20LFM (for CC20 or PA20/PA30)

Condition: New, Old Stock

Size: 2 Pack, Medium (see size chart)


DOM: 08/2011


  • Loose-fitting facepiece provides comfortable protection from respiratory hazards
  • Ears-free design permits the facile use of stethoscopes in medical settings
  • Available for use as either a CC20 Series Supplied Air Respirator or PA20/PA30 Series Powered Air-Purifying Respirators
  • Approved by NIOSH under approval numbers TC-19C-154 (Type C Continuous Flow Class) and Several TC-21C Powered Air Approvals.
  • Constructed of Tychem® QC and are latex-free.
  • As air enters the facepiece from the twist-lock breathing tube connection, the Soft Plenum inflates on the top of the head. The air is then directed down through an opening at the top of the facepiece directly into the worker's breathing zone. Unlike other loose fitting facepieces, this design provides more airflow where it is most needed and helps to prevent fogging of the lens or drying of the eyes.
  • The twist-lock breathing tube connection provides ease of use by allowing quick connection or disassembly of the breathing tube whether on or off the worker's head. Available in two different sizes. When used as a CC20 Series airline respirator, this face piece may be used with optional climate control devices. This allows workers to heat or cool incoming air by as much as 30 °F to improve comfort and enhance productivity.

Note: CC20 respirators are not approved for use in any atmosphere immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH) or from which the wearer cannot escape without the use of a respirator.

Condition: new - New

Size: Large (2 Pack)

Color: White / Clear


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