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WILSON Staff LP Launch Pad2 SW Iron LEFT HAND Golf Club CLUBHEAD ONLY (New)

WILSON Staff LP Launch Pad2 SW Iron LEFT HAND Golf Club CLUBHEAD ONLY (New)

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Staff LP Launch Pad2 SW Clubhead (LEFT HAND)

Condition: New

Size: SW Iron

Hand: Left Handed

MPN/Model: WGCST3597S

Hozel Size is .370

Elevate Your Short Game with the Launch Pad2 Sand Wedge (Left-Handed)

The Wilson Staff LP Launch Pad2 SW iron clubhead (left-handed) is designed to improve your short game with increased forgiveness and distance on approach shots.

Key Features:

  • Lower Center of Gravity (CG): Strategic weight distribution promotes a lower CG for higher launch angles and longer distance control on your scoring shots.
  • Optimized Sole Design: Prevents digging into the turf, ensuring smoother clubhead contact for cleaner ball strikes, especially from bunkers or soft lies.
  • Lightweight Construction: Generates faster swing speeds for golfers of all abilities, allowing for more distance and control on approach shots.
  • Anti-Scratch Finish: Resists scuffs and chips to maintain the clubhead's appearance throughout the season.

This clubhead is ideal for golfers seeking:

  • Improved distance control on approach shots
  • More forgiveness on mishits around the green
  • A cleaner clubhead feel for better feedback at impact

Please note: This is a clubhead only. Shaft is not included.

Condition: New

Size: SW

Color: black, silver, neon green


Barcode: 194979077573

PayWut SKU: CW6191
Bin: 01-03-C
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