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DENSO Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 196-6001

DENSO Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 196-6001

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 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor

Condition: New

Model: 196-6001

  • Denso MRE sensors have a pair of MREs on an integrated circuit (IC) chip; this unique design is extremely accurate, even just after an engine is started

  • The molded IC chip is installed inside a cylindrical magnet so it is positioned closer to the gears that rotate with the camshaft--this design is almost 10 times more sensitive than Hall element type sensors

  • polyphenylene sulfide resin coating over the molded IC chip and cylindrical magnet for greater strength and superior resistance to substances like fuel, engine oil, and emission byproducts

    MPN: 196-6001

    Barcode: 042511227866

    PayWut SKU: CWD146
    Bin: 02-03-D
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