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DENSO Starter 12V 2.0 KW 280-4287 (Remanufactured)

DENSO Starter 12V 2.0 KW 280-4287 (Remanufactured)

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Condition: New - New (Remanufactured)

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Starter 12V 2.0 KW

Condition: New


  • 12V

  • 2.0 KW

Model: 280-4287

Looking to kickstart your vehicle without breaking the bank or the planet? Check out the DENSO Starter 12V 2.0 KW 280-4287—remastered, remanufactured, and ready to rumble! It's like giving your car a cup of the strongest morning coffee, but way more electric.


- Power Up: With a beefy 12V, 2.0 KW punch, this little guy is like a personal trainer for your engine, getting it up and running faster than you on Monday morning.
- Vintage Vibes: It's remanufactured, which is just a fancy way of saying it's been to the gym, had a makeover, and is back with a vengeance.
- Eco-Warrior: By choosing this green machine, you're basically hugging a tree and saving some green in your wallet. Environmentally friendly and economically savvy? Check and check.
- Plug 'n' Play: Designed to fit like your favorite pair of jeans, installation is a breeze. You'll be back on the road before you can say "PayWut?"
- DENSO Durability: It's got the reliability of your trusty old dog, the strength of a morning espresso, and the endurance of a marathon runner. In the world of starters, this one's a legend.

So, if you're in the market for a starter that's as ready for a comeback as 80's fashion, the DENSO Starter 12V 2.0 KW 280-4287 is your knight in shining armor (or, well, remanufactured metal). Give your ride the wakeup call it deserves!

Barcode: 042511167742

PayWut SKU: CWD149
Bin: 02-01-G
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