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ELECTROLUX Smart Choice (4 ft) 40 AMP 3 Wire Gray Cord 5304512983 (New)

ELECTROLUX Smart Choice (4 ft) 40 AMP 3 Wire Gray Cord 5304512983 (New)

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Condition: New

Size: 4 Ft.

Electrolux Smart Choice

40 AMP 3 Wire Gray Cord

Condition: New in bag

Size: 4 Feet

MPN: 5304512983


Ensure a secure and reliable connection for your high-powered appliances with the ELECTROLUX Smart Choice 40 Amp Power Cord (New). This 4-foot, 3-wire gray cord is built to handle demanding electrical loads, making it ideal for:

    • Electric ranges and ovens
    • Clothes dryers
    • Air conditioners
    • Other high-wattage appliances

Key Features:

    • Heavy-duty 40 amp capacity: Supports powerful appliances without overloading circuits.
    • Durable 3-wire construction: Provides safe and reliable power delivery.
    • 4-foot length: Offers flexibility for convenient appliance placement.
    • Gray color: Blends seamlessly with most kitchen and laundry room aesthetics.
    • Brand name trust: Backed by the reputation of ELECTROLUX for quality and reliability.

      MPN: 5304512983

      Barcode: 012505463259

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