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ELECTROLUX Smart Choice Rubber Steam Dryer Kit 5' 5304512821 (New)

ELECTROLUX Smart Choice Rubber Steam Dryer Kit 5' 5304512821 (New)

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Electrolux Smart Choice

Rubber Steam Dryer Kit With Y Adapter

Condition: New in bag

Size: 5 Feet

MPN: 5304512821


Ensure a seamless steam drying experience with the brand new ELECTROLUX Smart Choice Rubber Steam Dryer Kit! This essential kit provides everything you need to connect your steam dryer for optimal performance:

    • 5-foot rubber gooseneck fill hose: Offers flexibility for easy installation and positioning.
    • 1-foot rubber fill hose: Provides additional reach for various dryer configurations.
    • Y-connector: Connects both hoses to your water supply for efficient steam generation.
    • Universal compatibility: Designed to work with most steam dryer models.

Key Features:

    • Durable rubber construction: Withstands high temperatures and water pressure for long-lasting use.
    • Leak-proof connections: Ensures reliable performance and prevents water damage.
    • Easy installation: No special tools required, follow the included instructions for a quick setup.
    • Cost-effective solution: Maintains your steam dryer's functionality without breaking the bank.

      Condition: New

      Size: 5 Ft.

      MPN: 5304512821

      Barcode: 5304512821

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