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EY TECHNOLOGIES (132 Spools)Nylon Lacing Braiding Material Cord 55VN0405415400915

EY TECHNOLOGIES (132 Spools)Nylon Lacing Braiding Material Cord 55VN0405415400915

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132 PACK! Nylon Lacing & Braiding Material Cord 


Condition: New / Slightly Damaged Box 

Size: 132 Spools of Cord, 550 ft per Spool

  • Maximum service temperature 280°F

Color: Black

Model / MPN: 55VN04054154009158


Lacing and braiding material is used to secure and protect wire bundles. It is usually used in heavy duty/off-road and aerospace/defense applications,

Vinyl Coated Nylon Yarn from EY Technologies is a high-performance yarn is engineered to meet the demanding needs of a wide range of applications, offering an unparalleled combination of strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors. 

  • Color: BLACK

  • Manufacturer: EY TECHNOLOGIES

  • Breaking Strength: 25 LBS

  • Finish Type: PVC

  • Item Thickness: 0.040"

  • Material: Nylon

  • Max Temperature: 280F

  • Min Temperature: -65F

  • Packaging Type: Box

  • Standard Package Quantity: 41 LB

  • Supplier Series: VN4000S

  • Width: 1.75"

Condition: New - New / Slightly Damaged

Size: 132 Tubes of Cord

Color: Black

MPN: 55VN04054154009158

Barcode: 55VN04054154009158

PayWut SKU: CWH247
Bin: 10-04-F
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