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HONDA Oil Level Switch Assembly 35480-ZM7-802 (New)

HONDA Oil Level Switch Assembly 35480-ZM7-802 (New)

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Carburetor for Small Honda Engine

Condition: New

Compatible with: 

  • GX340U1 (Type QXC9)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine

  • GX340U1 (Type QXC6)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine

  • GX340U1 (Type QWH2)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine

  • GX340U1 (Type QDW9)(VIN# GCAMK-1000001) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QDW9)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QDW9/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QXC/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QWH2)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QXC9)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QWH2/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QXC9/A)(VIN# GC05-3600001-9999999) Small Engine

  • GX340K1 (Type QXC)(VIN# GC05-2000001-3599999) Small Engine



MPN: 16100-ZE3-V21


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