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Land Yachtz

LANDYACHTZ Longboard Pintail Blunt Nose Bamboo Skateboard Deck BAMBOO Wolf Moon 41" X 9.9" (New Other)

LANDYACHTZ Longboard Pintail Blunt Nose Bamboo Skateboard Deck BAMBOO Wolf Moon 41" X 9.9" (New Other)

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Land Yachtz

Longboard Pintail Blunt Nose Canadian Maple / Bamboo Skateboard 

Condition: New with Minor Scuffs

Carve Up the Road with the LandYachtz Pinner Handstand

Experience a buttery smooth ride with the LandYachtz Pinner Handstand, a longboard built for comfortable cruising, effortless carving, and timeless style. This board features a flexy construction that combines Canadian maple and bamboo, offering a perfect blend of strength, pop, and shock absorption for a comfortable ride.

Key Features:

  • Pintail Design: A classic longboard shape, ideal for cruising, carving, and pumping.
  • Blunt Nose Profile: Enhances stability and control for confident riding.
  • Canadian Maple/Bamboo Construction: Provides a lightweight deck with exceptional strength, flex, and pop.
  • Clear Grip Tape: Offers great traction and allows the beautiful wood construction to shine through.
  • Spacious Standing Platform: Provides ample foot space for comfortable cruising and carving.

A Board Built for Smooth Rolling Adventures

The LandYachtz Pinner Handstand lives up to its name with its flexy deck that absorbs bumps and cracks in the pavement. This, combined with the clear grip tape for secure footing, contributes to an exceptionally smooth ride. The spacious standing platform offers plenty of room to comfortably position your feet, whether you're carving turns or pushing for long distances.

While this board may have some minor cosmetic scuffs, it doesn't affect its functionality and overall performance. This is a great opportunity to snag a LandYachtz longboard at a reduced price.

Size: 41 In. X 9.5 In.


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