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NATURALED Commercial LED Strip Light 4FT 25W 4007lm 5000K Voltage 120-277V 9262 (New)

NATURALED Commercial LED Strip Light 4FT 25W 4007lm 5000K Voltage 120-277V 9262 (New)

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Commercial LED Strip Light

Condition: New

Length: 4FT

Brightness: 4007 Lumens

Color Temperature: 5000K (Daylight)

Wattage: 25W

Dimmable: 0-10V

Color: White

Voltage: 120-277V

This versatile LED strip light offers a powerful and efficient lighting solution for a variety of commercial applications.

Key Features:

  • High Brightness: Delivers 4007 lumens for exceptional illumination, ideal for workshops, warehouses, garages, and other large spaces.
  • Energy-Saving Performance: Low wattage consumption (25W) saves on electricity costs compared to traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • Daylight Color Temperature (5000K): Provides a bright, crisp light that enhances visibility and promotes focus.
  • Dimmable (0-10V): Allows you to adjust the light level to create the perfect ambiance for your needs.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials for reliable performance.
  • Easy Installation: Lightweight design simplifies mounting and installation.
  • Damp Location Rated: Suitable for use in environments with occasional moisture exposure.

Short Summary:

The NaturaLED® 4FT Commercial LED Strip Light is a cost-effective and powerful lighting solution. Its bright daylight color temperature, energy efficiency, and dimming capability make it suitable for various commercial applications. The easy installation and durable construction add to the value of this product.

Brighten your business space and save on energy costs with the NaturaLED® 4FT Commercial LED Strip Light!

Additional Information:

  • NaturaLED® offers a 5-year limited warranty on this product.
  • While specific dimensions are not provided, 4ft LED strip lights are typically around 48 inches long.
  • This product typically costs between $73.20 and $89.99 [based on my research], though prices can vary depending on the retailer.

Invest in quality commercial lighting with NaturaLED®!

    Condition: New

    Size: 4 FT

    Color: White

    MPN: 9262

    Barcode: 844366092626

    PayWut SKU: CW5104
    Bin: 05-12-D, 05-12-B
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