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SHURTAPE DUCK TAPE 18 PK of Invisible Tape 3/4"X300" Matte Finish 285195 (New)

SHURTAPE DUCK TAPE 18 PK of Invisible Tape 3/4"X300" Matte Finish 285195 (New)

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Shurtape Duck Tape

18 Pack of Matte Finish Invisible Tape

Condition: New

Quantity: 18 Rolls

Size: ¾ inches wide x 300 inches long (each roll)

Model Number: 285195

UPC: 075353306383

Key Features:

  • Matte Finish: Virtually disappears on most surfaces for a seamless look.
  • Strong Adhesion: Holds securely to a variety of surfaces, making it ideal for repairs, crafting, and everyday use.
  • Invisible Bond: Creates a near-invisible bond, perfect for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, and other applications where you don't want the tape to be seen.
  • Writeable Surface: The matte finish allows you to write on the tape for labeling and organization.
  • Multi-Purpose: Ideal for a wide range of tasks, including gift wrapping, sealing envelopes, crafting, repairs, and more.
  • Bulk Pack: This 18-pack provides a long-lasting supply of invisible tape for all your needs.

Short Description:

The Shurtape Duck Brand Matte Finish Invisible Tape (18-Pack) is a versatile tape that virtually disappears on most surfaces. With its strong adhesion and writeable matte finish, this tape is perfect for a variety of tasks around the home, office, or classroom. The bulk pack ensures you have plenty of tape on hand for all your needs.

Why Choose Shurtape Duck Brand Matte Finish Invisible Tape (18-Pack)?

  • Creates a clean, invisible finish for a professional look.
  • Strong adhesive bond ensures items stay securely fastened.
  • Write on the tape for easy labeling and organization.
  • Multi-purpose tape for endless applications.
  • Bulk pack offers long-lasting value.

Condition: New

Size: 18 - 3/4" X 300"

Color: Matte Clear

MPN: 285195

Barcode: 30075353306384

PayWut SKU: CW6903
Bin: 53-02-B
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