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SMARTER PAW Meowijuana Organic Catnip Toy Get Smashed Llama Party Pinata Cat Toy (New)

SMARTER PAW Meowijuana Organic Catnip Toy Get Smashed Llama Party Pinata Cat Toy (New)

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Meowijuana Organic Catnip Toy

Condition: New

Quantity: 1 Toy

Style: Get Smashed Llama Party Pinata 

Organic Catnip Grown in the USA & Canada.  Catnip so good it should be illegal!

*Does NOT contain Marijuana, THC or CBD's!

Make every day feel like a feline fiesta with the Meowijuana Refillable Get Smashed Llama Pinata Wand Cat Toy. Your kitty doesn't need a reminder to get the daily paw-ty started, so tuck some of the included Meowijuana catnip into this durable, refillable toy and watch the celebration get wild. Whether it’s an ordinary day or a special occasion, this llama pinata toy is sure to be a hit!

  • Never worry about toys losing their scent again – this toy comes with a tube full of Meowijuana goodness so you can always have fresh 'nip on hand and keep the paw-ty rollin'.
  • Pure, strong catnip safely stimulates cats young and old to play, which is vital for relieving anxiety and boredom and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • The strongest materials and construction help ensure your cat's favorite toy will last for a long time.
  • Giving catnip to cats every other day will help ensure a positive reaction toward it.
  • Meowijuana is a non-addictive catnip with no added ingredients that are harmful for your pet.

Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old

Not for human consumption

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