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Optic Cable

OPTIC CABLE 40 ft+ Bulk Zipcord Multimode Duplex Fiber (New)

OPTIC CABLE 40 ft+ Bulk Zipcord Multimode Duplex Fiber (New)

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Zipcord Multimode Duplex Fiber 

Condition: New

Color: Aqua

Size: Over 40 Feet (Specific Length Unknown)

This aqua zipcord fiber optic cable provides a versatile solution for short-distance data transmission applications.

Key Features:

  • Multimode Design: Supports a wider range of data transmission modes compared to single-mode fiber, potentially simplifying installation.
  • Duplex Cable: Includes two separate fibers for transmitting and receiving data, ideal for bi-directional communication.
  • Zipcord Construction: Easy to route and install due to its thin and flexible design.
  • Aqua Jacket: Standard color for multimode fiber optic cables.

Important Notes:

  • Unknown Length: The exact length of this cable is unknown and exceeds 40 feet. You will need to measure the cable upon arrival to determine its usable length for your specific application.
  • Bulk Cable: This cable is sold as a single, uncut length. Termination connectors (sold separately) may be required for use with specific equipment.

This aqua zipcord multimode fiber optic cable is a budget-friendly choice for short-distance data transmission applications where the exact cable length is not critical. However, the unknown length and need for potential termination should be considered before purchase.

Condition: New

Size: 40 Ft

Color: Aqua

Barcode: 69755629

PayWut SKU: CW7014
Bin: 02-09-D
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