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Hales Yeah Design

Hales Yeah Design Love Your Forever Sticker ~3" at Longest Edge

Hales Yeah Design Love Your Forever Sticker ~3" at Longest Edge

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Hales Yeah Design

Love Your Forever  Sticker

Condition: New

Size: Approximately 3" at the Longest Edge (see images)


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Stickers Are

  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Weatherproof
  • Scratch Resistant

Each sticker is approximately 3" at its longest edge and is made from a durable glossy vinyl material. These stickers have a slight texture to them, which enhances the high-quality look and feel of this product.

To improve sticker longevity, clean the surface of the item you are placing your sticker on. This will ensure that no oils will ruin the adhesive on the sticker.

Order Processing time is 1-3 days

Shipped through USPS and does not include a tracking number. Standard USPS times are 2-7 business days.

**Please note that there may be shipping delays due to backups at the post office**

Condition: New - Made on demand

Size: ~3"

MPN: HYD-Custom

Barcode: 73792493

PayWut SKU: HYD0038
Bin: Hales Yeah Design Fulfilled
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