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COXREELS Three-Way Pin Lock Kit for 1600 Series 16702 (New)

COXREELS Three-Way Pin Lock Kit for 1600 Series 16702 (New)

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Three-Way Pin Lock Kit for 1600 Series

Condition: New in damaged box

MPN: 16702

Secure your COXREELS hose reel with this convenient and reliable three-way pin lock kit.

Condition: New

Key Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for COXREELS 1600 Series hose reels.
  • Three-way locking mechanism: Provides secure hold for your hose reel in any position.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction: Ensures long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Disengages for free unwind: Allows for easy hose deployment when needed.
  • Can be used to activate electric rewind switch: Simplifies operation for increased convenience.

This three-way pin lock kit is an ideal solution for:

  • Preventing accidental hose reel movement.
  • Enhancing safety in work environments.
  • Adding a layer of security to your equipment.

With its easy installation and reliable performance, the COXREELS Three-Way Pin Lock Kit is a valuable accessory for any COXREELS 1600 Series hose reel.

Additional Information:

  • Model Number: 16702

Protect your investment and ensure the safe operation of your hose reel with the COXREELS Three-Way Pin Lock Kit.

Condition: New - Damaged Box

Size: 1

MPN: 16702

Barcode: 0674255420984

PayWut SKU: CW3685
Bin: 01-07-B
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