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UNBRANDED Trophy Column 45" Buzz Saw Blue/Gold (New)

UNBRANDED Trophy Column 45" Buzz Saw Blue/Gold (New)

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Holographic Walking Staff"

Trophy Column 45" Buzz Saw Blue/Gold


Condition: New!

Why: You somehow never got a participation trophy and want to make your own. 


Tired of reminiscing about the bronze medal life? Channel your inner champion (and maybe a dash of Darth Maul) with the Holographic Walking Staff: Trophy Column 45" Buzz Saw Blue/Gold. This ain't your grandma's walking stick – it's a portal to a world of holographic glory.

Picture this: you glide down the street, not with a cane, but with a buzzsaw-blue column projecting shimmering accolades around you. Heads turn, jaws drop, and whispers of "Is that... the Medal Master?" fill the air. Suddenly, even Mondays seem a little more epic.

Condition: new

Size: 5

MPN: G45535-0606

Barcode: 50525421

PayWut SKU: CW0446
Bin: 01-01-A
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