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1800FLOWERS 45 Pack Of Damask Metal Buckets/Cans Pink Rose W/ Liners 6” 79232 (New)

1800FLOWERS 45 Pack Of Damask Metal Buckets/Cans Pink Rose W/ Liners 6” 79232 (New)

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45 Pack Damask Metal Buckets/Cans With Plastic Water Liners

Condition: New

Size: 6 In. Tall X 5 In. DIA Bottom X 7.25 In. Opening

Color: Pink Rose With Lime Green Interior

MPN: 79232

Model: 75101

Rev up your day with a splash of floral fun courtesy of 1-800-Flowers! The 45 Pack Damask Metal Buckets/Cans, decked out with plastic water liners and ready to party. Imagine the sass of pink rose paired with the zest of lime green interiors, all bundled up in a neat 6-inch package. These aren't just buckets; they're a fiesta waiting to happen, perfect for jazzing up your space or throwing the garden shindig of the year.


- Size Up the Fun: Standing tall at 6 inches, with a cheeky 5-inch dia bottom and a generous 7.25-inch opening, these buckets are ready to handle anything from a bouquet of wildflowers to an array of color-coordinated pencils.
- Color Splash: Pink rose meets lime green, and it's love at first sight. These buckets are here to make a statement, turning heads and sparking conversations.
- Liner Squad: Each bucket comes equipped with its own plastic water liner, making them the ultimate wingman for your thirsty florals.
- Bucket Brigade: With 45 in the pack, you're all set to invade every nook and cranny with a burst of color and charm.
- Model Magic: Sporting the MPN 79232 and Model 75101, these buckets aren't just pretty faces; they're built to last, ready for round two, three, and beyond.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can bring the party to your plants with these Damask Metal Buckets? Let 1-800-Flowers and PayWut turbocharge your decor game. Pay a little, get a lot! A bucketload of style!

Condition: New

Size: 1 Box of 45

Color: Pink Rose

MPN: 79232

Barcode: 58762221

PayWut SKU: CW4827
Bin: 02-13-F
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